Event FAQ’S


General Questions

  • Will the Odisha Fest 2019 in Navi Mumbai enhance the image of Pravasi Odia?

    Odisha Fest 2019 is going to be held at Seawoods Grand Central Mall, Navi Mumbai. It will be a three days festival from 8th November 2019 to 10th November 2019.

    Odisha Fest, Navi Mumbai, is one of the first elite class festivals by Odia community before national platform. International celebrities like Italian born Padmashree awardee Odissi dancer will be part of festivals.

    Main mission of Odisha Fest is to uplift and enhance the image of Odisha and Pravasi Odia before non Odia community.

    Odisha Fest 2019 will definitely enhance the image of Pravasi Odia and Odisha as well.

  • What is the Location of Odisha Fest ?
    Location of Odisha Fest 2019 is one of best elite luxurious mall in Navi Mumbai. The Seawoods Grand Central Mall, Navi Mumbai.
  • Who can access the financial activities of Odisha Fest?
    The financial activities of this fest is highly transparent. Any Pravasi Odia is allowed to ask the financial details within two months of events ending. The information is not restricted to sponsors or team members of the fest.
  • Why are name of organisation in the logo of Odisha Fest?
    The main objectives of the fest is to enhance the image of Pravasi Odia. So the credit of success of fest should go to all. Hence Odisha Fest‘s logo carries name of all Odiya organisation. If any name of organisation needs to be included, then you can contact to rkm@appleenergy.in If any organisation has objection or like to delete the same can be intimated. We will publish details on line for each request.
  • What are the role of all Odiya organisation in the fest?
    There are number of events slots on the cultural activities. The organisation can participate in the cultural event, anybody can register here or email to rkm@appleenergy.in.
  • Who is the organiser of the Odisha fest?
    The temporary firm has been constituted which will be auto closed after events is completed. All the risk taker of Odisha fest are the part of the firm. A management group has been formed for the management of the activities. Each organisation can send two representatives for the management group.